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since April 2000

Difficulty Scale

: can be handled by normal healthy persons
: not too easy
: fairly difficult
: difficult, absolutely not for beginners
: very difficult, very demanding in term of strength and skill

Area Chooser

Lantau Island
Hong Kong Island and nearby outlying islands
West New Territories (Castle Peak, Yuen Long, etc)
East New Territories (Sai Kung, Clear Waterbay, Ma On Shan, etc)
Middle New Territories (Lion Rock, Shing Mum, etc)
North New Territories (Shangshui, Fanling, Tai Po, etc)

Lantau Area

Nga Ying West Stream (N|)
Tin Liu Stream (мd|)
LianShen Stream(`ۼ)
Dragon Jaw (sEۼ)
LingBai Stream Left Offshoot(Fեۼ - )
Feng Tang Stream (ۼ, )
Nei Sham Stream (`ۼ)
Kau Ling Stream (y)
Dragon Tail Stream (s|)
North Big Phoenix Stream, Right Offshoot (j_|Ak)
Yellow Dragon River(sۼ)
East Dragon River(Fsۼ)
West Dragon (sۼ)
South Dragon (nsۼ)
North Dragon (_sۼ)
Crouching Dragon River (sۼ)
LingFeng River (⭷ۼ)
Green Dragon River (Csۼ)
ManCheung 9 Bends (EVE)
ManCheungPo (UVr)
Silver Mine Waterfall (qsr)
Double Dragon River(sۼ)
LingBai Stream offshoot(Fեۼ - )
Mi San River(ۼ)
Bai Mang River(ը~ۼ)
Cang Long River(sۼ)
Feng Bi Stream(ۼ)


Snake Tongue Stream (Dާ|,([F|))
Snake Tongue Stream (Dާ|,([F|))
Daliangshui (jN)
Wong Tong Stream (ťۼ)
Gan Bai Stream (եۼ)
Tsing Tam Stream (Mۼ)
Ghost Anger Stream (|)
Stone Dragon Waterfall (sr)
Lotus Stream(ۼ)
JiuHuang River(Eۼ)
Qing Dai Stream(Cjۼ)
Jia Long River(sۼ)

NT EAST (Sai Kung Area)

Deer Red Stream () and Jin Shan Wei (s)
Shek Lung Tasi Stream (bJۼ)
Junior Amazon (pȰ)
Wong Chung Stream (Fۼ)
Pak Hang (_|)
Tsak Yue Wu (Carp Lake) Stream (Vۼ)
Sai Keng Stream (|ۼ)
Pai Ngak West Stream (PB|)
Hau Tong Kai(U)
Qiu Feng Stream(ۼ)
Sheung Luk Stream(ۼ)
Flying Phoenix River(ۼ)
Flying Dragon River()


PingJia Stream branch 2 (̹ťۼ WK2)
Shek Shui Kan(ۤ)
Ng Tung River ()
Wang Chung Stream (Fۼ)
Pingnan Stream(̫nۼ)
MaDai River(jۼ)
Ping Jia River(̹ťۼ)

NT Middle

Woyang Stream (ݯ|)  
South West Stream (n|)  
Seven Cord Stream (C^ۼ)  
Au Pui Wan Stream (IW|)  
Rocky Board Stream (۪O|)
ShenXiu Stream (q|)  
Heung Fan Liu Stream (d|)    
Huang Mu Waterfall (rA@s)  
Tai Yuen Stream (jۼ)    
Yin Ngam Stream(P)
Tai Shing Stream (jۼ)
DaiCao Stream(jۼ)

Hong Kong

Xiatang Stream (U|)
Jianghua Stream (ۼ)
Hok Tsui River (bLۼ)
Sheung Tam Stream(ۼ)
Zi Tan Stream(ۼ)