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since April 2000

Nga Ying West Stream (牙鷹西坑)


Last Visit: 19 Jun 2016


Trip Description

Nga Ying West Stream locates on the west of Nga Ying Shan in Lantau Island. It used to be a very narrow creek but it was widened by a major landslide in year 2008. After so many years, most lose rocks settled. You can still find the traces of landslides nowadays. As you move along, you still have to beware of loose rocks. This stream is seldom visited by hikers. There is NO ribbon nor markings along the route. You really have to figure out how out to navigate by your skills and experience. There is some waterfalls and small pools along the way. Water is clean with some algae.

Location 1: Altitude 0M

This is the entrance. We moved down to the stream on the left side of the fence.

Location 2: Altitude 20M

The lower stream,or the first 20M~30M is infested with overgrown and spider webs. This session is not too enjoyable.

Location 3: Altitude 30M

The stream widens and clears up. Movement is no longer hindered overgrown.
The main waterfall shows up.

Location 4: Altitude 50M

Looking down from a cliff. We took the slope on the right of the cliff to scale up.

Location 5: Altitude 65M

There are some demanding climb in this stream.

Location 6: Altitude 115M

This is another interesting climb.

Location 7: Altitude 175M

After some vigorous climbing, let's have a break under the shade.

Location 8: Altitude 215M

The beach in the far is Yi O beach. We are now in the upper stream, we can no longer see water flowing.

Location 9: Altitude 270M

Keep walking up! The stream will meet the main hiking path very soon.