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since April 2000

LingBai Stream offshoot (靈白石澗 - 中枝)


Last Visit: 7 May 2000


Trip Description

This trip is not exactly LingBai stream, LingBai stream should be the one indicated in green on the map. What we'd explored was one of the major offshoot of the original LingBai stream.
This stream locates at the western part of Lantau Island.

Location 1: Altitude 80M

This is the entrance of the LingBai river which locates on Lantau Trail section 8.

Location 2: Altitude 100M

This is the first waterfall that welcomes you. You may reach the top of this waterfall on either left or right passage.

Location 3: Altitude 145M

The background of this picture is BaiJiao(白角). This portion of the stream is very wide.

Location 4: Altitude 170M

This is the junction where the green and blue path meet. The left offshoot takes you to the LingBai stream. I am going to show you scenery of the right offshoot.

Location 5: Altitude 175M

This cliff of water curtain is the most challenging hurdle in this trip. Three of us were pondering over how to overcome this unwieldy cliff. Finally we decided to try the right wall of the cliff. The right wall is relatively accessible, but it still demands you agility and guts. Some rocks on the right wall are not stable. I would say this is the most breath-taking rub of this trip.

Location 6: Altitude 200M

This is another slippery rocky cliff.