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since April 2000

Ng Tung River (梧桐寨)


Last Visit: 1 Nov 2009

NT North

Trip Description

Ng Tung Stream is one of the excellent streams in Hong Kong. It has the highest waterfall in this city. Yet it is easy to go. A lot of signposts guide you to walk along the hiking path which is parallel to the stream.
This stream is situated in the northern side of Tai Mo Shan, the highest mountain in Hong Kong. The easiest way to go there is to take a taxi from Tai Po Train station to Ng Tung Chai (a village), where you start your walk (at south-eastern direction first).

Location 1: Altitude 145M

You will meet the entrance to "Man Tak Yuen". Follow the route to this place.

Location 2: Altitude 250M

Bottom Fall is the first waterfall that you should not miss. Watch out for the signpost pointing you to this fall. You need to descend a little bit in order to meet the fall. This waterfall is also named as "Fall under the well". See it and think whether this name is appropriate for it. Then return back to the main hiking path and go upward.

Location 3: Altitude 285M

Not very far away, a great waterfall called Middle Fall or "Horse Tail Fall" is waiting for you. This fall is about 50 feet high. It is a magnificent waterfall, especially during the rainy season.

Location 4: Altitude 410M

Main Fall is also called "Long Fall". It is the highest waterfall (more than 100 feet high) in Hong Kong. You can see it from a distance.
A man is "tiny" in front of the Main Fall.
You will see a signpost with the words "Road Closed" near the bottom of the Main Fall. Many years ago, there was a landslide destroying the hiking path leading to the top of the Main Fall. That is why a signpost was put over there. However, the path above this signpost is actually not so bad nowadays. Look carefully, you should be able to find your way to go upwards to meet the next waterfall.

Location 5: Altitude 465M

Scatter Fall is the waterfall just above the Main Fall. The hiking path goes between them. Scatter Fall is like a scatter of hair of a young lady, isn't it? Don't bypass the gate to the top of the Main Fall. You may fall to the bottom if you do so. Such accident happened previously.