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since April 2000

ShenXiu Stream (神秀坑)


Last Visit: 20 Jan 2013

NT Middle

Trip Description

Shenxiu stream is a rather small and narrow stream without big waterfall and pools. Therefore we choose to visit this stream in dry weather otherwise it would be quite unpleasant to nevigate through a damp, wet, slippery, narrow stream. In rainy seasons, I would rate this stream half a star up.
This stream relatively close to the down town, entrance and exit are clear. It is a good choice if you don't have a full day to spend.

Location 1: Altitude 130M

This is the entrance to the stream. You can find a ruined house and guiding ribbons.

Location 2: Altitude 175M

We are basically moving along the river bed. In dry seasons, it is fun to work through along.

Location 3: Altitude 195M

This is the main waterfall of the stream. No water at all in dry seasons. The fall has upper and lower part. They are now standing on the rock platform separating the upper and lower part. The platform could be accessed from either left or right.
SpiderBen in action.

Location 4: Altitude 240M

This is the most difficult climb in the stream. It seems that there is no way to bypass this. Just think before you move, it is not so difficult after all.
After the climb, we arrived at good resting place with ultra good scenery. Time for snack and gossip.

Location 5: Altitude 270M

Walking on dry narrow river bed.

Location 6: Altitude 355M

We are now leaving the stream and moving to a hiking trail.

Location 7: Altitude 460M

Here we comes, MacLehose Trail.