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since April 2000

Hau Tong Kai(猴塘溪)


Last Visit: 15 Aug 2010

NT East

Trip Description

Hau Tong Kai is a very famous swimmable stream in Sai Kung Area. This stream meets Ko Tong Kau at Tai Tan. However, the portion that extend from Tai Tan (大灘) to Hoi Ha Road(海下路) is rather boring. It is advised to start the trip right at Hoi Ha Road.

One of its swimming pool is easily acessible by even hiking novice. Although this stream is not very long, it packs with many sizable natural swimming pools. The stream is also wide, one does not have to struggle inside dense vegetation. In hot summer time, it is a nice place to visit.

Location 1: Altitude 70M

This dam is a very distinct landmark on Hoi Ha Road. It also marks the entrance of Hau Tong Kai.

Location 2: Altitude 75M

If you don't want river trekking, yet you want to have a bath in natural swimming pool. Please come this pool which locates right after the dam. And there is footpath running from the road directly to this pool. There is also a rocky shore where you can cook your meal.

Location 3: Altitude 100M

Some hiking veterans build a metal ladder here to help scaling up this big rock.

Location 4: Altitude 110M

Here is a mid-size pool, not very deep but very enjoyable because it has a short waterfall as shown in the pictures. Moreover, here the rocks are big and flat, it is an ideal place for resting and even cooking. By the way, you will see the left right offshoot, take the bigger one, that's the right one.

Location 5: Altitude 135M

As I have mentioned in the beginning of this page, this stream accommodates many sizable swimming pools. This is another example.

Location 6: Altitude 180M

Here this stream almost takes a 90 degree left turn. Right at the corner is another big swimming pool. Above the pool, there is a flat rock platform on the left. Again, it is another ideal place for setting up your cooking stove.

Location 7: Altitude 210M

If you proceed along the stream after the first exit, you'll find the stream getting narrow and flat. Well, don't give up. If you have energy, it is worthwhile to keep trekking until the second exit.

Location 8: Altitude 255M

At this altitude, the stream widens again and gives a spectacular view of short waterfalls. The second exit is waiting for you on the top of these waterfalls.