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since April 2000

Gan Bai Stream (乾白石澗)


Last Visit: 25 May 2003

NT West

Trip Description

Gan Bai Stream is a medium-sized stream. It has a number of small water pools for taking away your body heat. Like its cousins in Castle Peak area, the stream is wide with sand lining. The water there is pretty clean but the water would become very murky after rain because of the sandy nature of that area. Since it was within the range of firing excerise, hikers usually find empty bomb shells. Some of them are not empty and may still be dangerous. One word of caution: don't touch the weird bomb-like metal objects.

Location 1: Altitude 10M

After dropping off from min bus, you have to walk pass a chicken farm to reach the entrance of the stream.

Location 2: Altitude 10M

Here is the sandy entrance of the stream.

Location 3: Altitude 35M

This short cascade is named "Silver Water Double Falls (銀水雙瀑)". You may take your left to climb to the top of the short cascade.

Location 4: Altitude 85M

After a while, you will meet another short cascade called "Cascade on Stone Stage (石磐噴瀑)" because there is stone "table" right below the waterfall.

Location 5: Altitude 105M

The stream splits here, take the right off-shoot.

Location 6: Altitude 115M

After a while, you will encounter another attraction of this stream. It is dubbed as "The Comb Waterfall Corridor (水梭瀑廊)". This ladder-like gorge differs from the rest of cascades. One should lean against the rock wall on the left in order to overcome this gorge.

Location 7: Altitude 130M

This is the last attraction of this stream, "The Slanting Slit Waterfall (斜縫瀑)". One can actually climb along the slit and reach a chamber on the top of the fall. If you are slim enough, you can cram yourself out the chamber through the hole on the top.

After that the stream flattens off. As indicated on the map, you can leave the stream on either directions, left or right. The left exit come first and then the right exit.