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since April 2000

Xiatang Stream (下塘坑)


Last Visit: 24 Jul 2016

Hong Kong Island

Trip Description

This is a very short stream on the Hong Kong Island near Aberdeen Lower Reservoir. The entrance is right under a big bridge. The stream is quite wide.

Location 1: Altitude 20M

Here is the entrance of the stream. There is a concrete path coming along the left side of the stream. In the beginning, you have the option of getting into the stream or follow the concrete stairs.

Location 2: Altitude 35M

If possible, try not to use the stair. The initial climb is the most interesting and "difficult" part of the stream. You will miss the fun if you choose the stairs.

Location 3: Altitude 65M

This is the probably the biggest pool in this stream. But still it is not fit for swimming. It is shallow with many algae. There are some fish tough.

Location 4: Altitude 80M

Very soon we come the dam which is the end of this trip. You can leave the stream on the left of the dam.