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since April 2000

Flying Phoenix Stream (飛鳳石澗)


Last Visit: 22 Jan 2000

NT East

Trip Description

This stream lies side by side with Flying Dragon river. Both of them drain water into Kei Ling Ha Hoi(企嶺下海). Flying Phoenix can be divided into two main sections. Both sections are tall steep rocky structures. Don't be scared, there are footpaths and guiding ribbons accompanying the rocky surface.

Location 1: Altitude 15M

This is the entrance of the stream. You can see the damp steep rock surface that we're going to conquer. There is an iron gate on the right hand side. That iron gate is the door to the majestic Flying Phoenix.
Behind the iron gate, there is a faint foot path leading you into a forest. You've to trek in the forest for about 15 minutes before you can really reach Flying Phoenix stream.

Location 2: Altitude 35M

Finally, here is the foot of the Flying Phoenix. A real starting point.

Location 3: Altitude 65M

This is the first section of the stream. It is steep rocky structure of about 60m in height. You've two choices. First, you can climb right on the surface of the rocky surface. The second option is to use the passage on the left of the rocky surface. The passage runs parallel with the stream.

Location 4: Altitude 120M

We're now in the top of the first section. The second section is about to begin. The second section is another steep rocky structure of 80m in height. Again, you've two options. One easy and one difficult. The easy way lies on the right hand side of the stream, it is a steep hidden foot path. Although it is steep, there are a lot of strong trees acting as your helping hands. The second option is to climb on the bare rocky surface. This option gets more and more difficult as you move upwards. However, you can always back off to the passage on your right whenever you don't want to risk your life.

Location 5: Altitude 200M

We're now on the top of the second section. The background of this photos is a village called Yung Shue O(榕樹澳). You're now pretty safe. There is no breathe taking climbing anymore. You can now follow the ribbons to find your way out.

Location 6: Altitude 260M

The exit of the stream will bring you to an open forest (provided you don't get lost) with tall and beautiful trees.