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since April 2000

Mi San River 彌散石澗


Last Visit: 5 March 2000


Trip Description

This river is quite long and there is no accessible exit in the middle of the river. In rainly seasons, this river gives you amazing attractions every 10 to 20 mins.

Location 1: Altitude 15M

This is the entrance of Mi San river 彌散石澗. From left to right, they are LanChai, Ronald, Marco, Arthur and Erich.

Location 2: Altitude 75M

This is the first pool we have encountered. This pool is very clean but not big enough.

Location 3: Altitude 115M

This big guy is Mo Tian Cliff(摩天崖). This cliff is about 70m tall. This is the most magnifient and challenging features of this river. You can found some red ribbons leading you to climb on the front surface of the cliff. But, let me warn you, this cliff is more difficult than it seems, especially the upper part of it. You are highly advised to use the passage on the right to reach the top of the cliff. As a matter fact, that passage could also be an ordeal for some persons
There are some mad/brave guys scaling this arduous cliff. This cliff did claim casuality before, think twice.

Location 4: Altitude 210M

This picture was taken from the top of Mo Tian Cliff(摩天崖). Those buildings belong to HK international airport. This picture also revealed the lower stream of this river.
Right behind the big cliff, there is a narrow trace of footpath on the right side of a water pool. You can find an iron chain nailed onto the wall as a hand rail.

Location 5: Altitude 245M

This is one of the most spectacular waterfall of this river. In summer time, we'll definitely jump into this pool for water fun.

Location 6: Altitude 325M

Here we reached the upper part of the river.

Location 7: Altitude 565M

Beyond the exit at about 435m, you'll find an obscure path in the bush. Hey, Arthur and Erich, you'll reach the main path very soon.