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since April 2000

Stone Dragon Waterfall (石龍飛瀑)


Last Visit: Spring 2001

NT West

Trip Description

This is a very short stream. And there are many exits where you can leave any time. There is hardly any large pool. Almost half of the stream is covered by trees and scrubs.

Location 1: Altitude 120M

The entrance is at a catchwater near Ting Kau (JK987771) where you can clearly find a rope leading to a short cliff. You can either walk up from Sham Tseng or Tsing Fai Tong New Village (清怏塘新村). The cliff here is quite slippery and water does run down from the top of the cliff. You may grasp the rope (on the left side of the cliff) and swing to the right side of the cliff and then climb up. This is in fact the most difficult part of the entire journey. This is the Stone Dragon Waterfall.

Location 2: Altitude 180M

You will pass through big trees once you overcome the Stone Dragon. And then you will soon reach the first pool. Water is running slowly during autumn. The right side is easier for you to walk up the small stone wall.

Location 3: Altitude 200M

You will soon hit the tallest cliff of the stream. You can attempt again on the right side. Do enjoy this climb. Once you pass it, you can't find any challenging task. You will go on a long rock road walking up the slope slowly.

Location 4: Altitude 290M

You will walk for a while on rocky roads, where, for most of the time, the streams are covered by scrubs and trees. When you go out of the dark little forest, you will find a path cutting across the stream. Go on the left side and enjoy the view. Exit is around JK991775

Location 5: Altitude 330M

Walk along the path to the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail (from Yuen Long to Tsuen Wan). You are advised to go to Tsuen Wan through this clear path. However, we leave the main road and go south to enjoy a nice view of the Ting Kau Bridge.