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since April 2000

Cang Long River sۼ


Last Visit: 27 Nov 1999


Trip Description

Location 1: Altitude 120M

This is the entrance of Cang Long river sۼ.

Location 2: Altitude 165M

The background is Tian Ti Ya ѱV.
From left to right: Eleanor, Ah Kei, Federica, Verona, Annie

Location 3: Altitude 165M

Next to Tian Ti Ya is Long Yin Xia sul. We have to take the steep slope on the right of Long Yin Xia to reach the top of the waterfall. The guy in the front of the team is Ah Kei.

Location 4: Altitude 210M

This is Long So Pu sŽr. Eleanor and Annie are enjoying the cool wind generated by the waterfall.

Location 5: Altitude 250M

I cannot find the name of this great fall. In summer time, this waterfall must be very spectacular. This waterfall is the most dangerous structure that we have to overcome in this trip. You may see how our team members "struggled" on the face of this waterfall. Again, Ah Kei is leading the team. For details, please contact the web master.

Location 6: Altitude 300M

Ah Kei and Annie are standing on the top of the last waterfall of the trip. You may find some ribbons that lead you there on your right. But actually, the left path is safer. Why? Please contact the web master.
This river gives you good views and exciting features, but it is absolutely not for beginners.