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since April 2000

LingBai Stream Left Offshoot (靈白石澗 - 左支)


Last Visit: 6 Jun 2004


Trip Description

This is Lingbai stream left offshoot. The other offshoot is illustrated in Lingbai offshoot page. The two offshoots run away from each other at about 170M. This stream locates at the western part of Lantau Island.

Location 1: Altitude 80M

This is the entrance of the LingBai river which locates on Lantau Trail section 8.

Location 2: Altitude 100M

This is the first waterfall that welcomes you. You may reach the top of this waterfall on either left or right passage.

Location 3: Altitude 145M

The background of this picture is BaiJiao(白角). This portion of the stream is very wide.

Location 4: Altitude 170M

This is where the left right offshoots meet. This time we take the left turn.

Location 5: Altitude 180M

A short fall.

Location 6: Altitude 175M

Here seems like a dead end. Not quite. Step back a bit and you will find a narrow passage on your right. The passage is rather brushy and very narrow, be careful. The passage by-passes the right vertical wall.
This small pool shows up after you have overcome the narrow passage.

Location 7: Altitude 265M

This rocky layer marks the rear part of this exploration. You will find the exit hiking trail soon after you have finished these rocky layer.