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since April 2000

Dragon's Jaw (龍顎石澗)


Last Visit: Nov 2006


Trip Description

Dragon's Jaw is in fact the most outstanding feature of a large right stream of the Couching Dragon River. The Jaws mean a narrow entrance of a gorge, and it is a large vertical or hanging cliff in the middle portion of the right stream of the Couching Dragon. It is a highly energy-demanding stream and it can be very dangerous during rainy season.

Location 1: Altitude 75M

It is still the main Yellow Dragon with huge stone. Please notice that you have to observe the entrance to the Couching Dragon River at 100m

Location 2: Altitude 230M

This is the critical point of the journey. You can find in fact three paths. The left one is the continual route of Couching Dragon. The left one leads you to Dragon's Jaw.

Location 3: Altitude 320M

The picture shows the Dragon's Jaw. Notice that behind Anthony is the waterfall. The top of waterfall looks like water flowing out of the mouth of the dragon (Jaw). The second picture shows a red cloth hanging on a large branch on the left side of the cliff (if you are facing the cliff). It is a key feature to inform the hikers about the waterfall. The third picture is the view down the valley. There is a path on the right side of the Jaw.

Location 4: Altitude 360M

You will soon reach the forestry area if you walk through the hidden path on the left right side, and perhaps it is the most dangerous part of the journey. You will soon reach a second big pool (after the Jaw) where you can see the large cliff again (2nd picture). Then you can see that ribbons are tied on both the left and right sides of the cliff. To stay along the river and continue the journey, go to the left side. You will find less water flowing the stream after this point.

Location 5: Altitude 500M

You can see ribbons along the narrow stream. You are basically in a forest.

Location 6: Altitude 600M

After you leave the stream at around 640m, you have to go through long grasses to cut to the main footpath. It is really a demanding part. And at 600m, you can see Por Kai Shan is in front of you. There is an overt path for you to walk to Tung Chung. It takes around one and a half hour at least.