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since April 2000

Yin Ngam Stream (燕岩溪)


Last Visit: 27 Jul 2003

NT Middle

Trip Description

This is one of the cleanest streams in HK. There is no habitation in the upper stream. One can take a taxi directly from TaiPo KCR station to Shueng Wan Yiu(上碗徭) where the journey starts.
The 1:25000 government survey map provides a more accurate depiction of this stream.

Location 1: Altitude 110M

When you drop off the taxi and cross a short bridge, you will reach here. Walk along this concrete road, you will soon reach a village. On the right of the village, you will find a footpath leading you to Location 2.

Location 2: Altitude 150M

Here we go! This is the entrance of the stream.

Location 3: Altitude 170M

This small tree managed to crack a hard rock. It drills through the very middle of the rock. The desire to live is stronger than a rock.

Location 4: Altitude 195M

There are many small pools like these in this stream.

Location 5: Altitude 215M

This is the highlight of this stream: The Pool of Rainbow Swallow (彩燕潭). This is the one and only one sizable water pool on this stream. It is cystal clear and is deep enough for a cozy dip. Its cascade is good for massaging your shoulders.

Location 6: Altitude 300M

Here is another small pool, you can get around either on its right of left.

Location 7: Altitude 440M

This stream is getting narrower because we are approaching the upper stream.

Location 8: Altitude 570M

Here is the exit of this stream which cut across a hiking trail.