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since April 2000

Heung Fan Liu Stream (香粉寮坑)


Last Visit: 5 Feb 2011

NT Middle

Trip Description

This is one of the short stream in Needle Hill mountain system. This stream is short with no big swimming pool, yet it is packed with some exitment. The lower stream and the upper stream will demand more climbing skills, while the middle stream is only mediocre. Although there is no sizeable swimming pool, there are a couple of "bathing tub" with clean water. Enjoy your trip.

Location 1: Altitude 35M

We have to enter a small village before reaching the stream. This is entrance of the village.

Location 2: Altitude 120M

Here we arrived at the entrance of the stream. We bypassed the dam on left. Follow the ribbons.

Location 3: Altitude 130M

It is what you have right after the dam.
We are now on the another small dam, we proceed on the left.

Location 4: Altitude 175M

Middle Stream

Location 5: Altitude 205M

A narrow cliff.

Location 6: Altitude 215M

It is a man-made "bath-tub" with clean water.

Location 7: Altitude 280M

Ronald is scaling up a big rock.

Location 8: Altitude 300M

Here we are getting close to the end of the stream. In the upper stream, things become difficult. The most challenging structures are in the upper stream. These are especially demanding in watery seasons. Two guys using different ways to confront the same cascade.

Here is the last challlenge. You can see the dry waterfall blocking your way. To overcome this, we can either climb on the right or left. There are ribbons on both sides. Actually we tried both. The guy in the picture is making attempt on the left. It works but you have to handle a sandy slope on top of a cliff. On the right, the "route" is very bushy and we have to take zigzag route to overcome some rocks. Comparatively, the left route seems a little bit more approachable. Anyway, both ways are not for the fainthearted.

Location 9: Altitude 305M

After last climb, we are on the top of the waterfall. You will see two exits. We chose the right one for going to Needle Hill. If everything is right, the main path is only about 100m away.