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since April 2000

Hong Kong is renowned city in the world. It is situated in south-east Asia and the southern apex of China. It is often regarded as an international finance center and a business metropolis. What has not mentioned is its beautiful wilderness and nature.

The climate in Hong Kong is distinct for the four seasons. In spring, the humidity is high and wild life is attractive. In summer, the weather is hot but the streams, waterfalls and natural pools are abundant with
water for swimming. In autumn, the air is fresh and drier so as to enjoy hiking and camping outdoor. In winter, 
it can be bitterly cold but it is good for different sorts of exciting adventure activities.

Hong Kong is divided into four main regions: Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, the New Territories and the outlying islands. The biggest outlying island is Lantau Island, at which the second highest peak (933m) situated. Other islands include Lamma Island, Eastern Peng Chau and Tung Lung Island.

There are four main hiking trails in Hong Kong: 1) the 100km Maclehose Trail, running in the east-west direction in the New Territories, 2) the 70km Lantau Trail in Lantau Island, 3) the 50 km Hong Kong Island Trail and 4) the Wilson Trail, running in a south-north direction, crossing different areas on Hong Kong Island, in Kowloon and the New Territories. 

Besides the four main hiking trails, there are in fact a lot of wonderful and most beautiful adventure routes that are hidden inside. In Hong Kong, there are over 100 streams which you can trek along. Many of them are un-doubtfully attractive for their great waterfalls, crystal-clean natural pools and the very peaceful environment. You can imagine that you were Robertson, exploring the untamed beauty of the nature here. Other than the streams, Hong Kong is surrounded by many coastlines. You can trek along the coast, admiring the unbeaten sea view and hearing natural sounds of the sea.

In the HK Adventurer homepage, we intend to introduce the most hidden, yet most beautiful or breath-taking adventure routes in Hong Kong. We know our list is incomplete but our determination of exploring this region is unlimited.