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since April 2000

South West Stream (西南坑)


Last Visit: 23 Aug 2015

NT Middle

Trip Description

South West Stream is one of the upper stream of the famous Tai Shing Stream. Most hikers will only cover the lower part and the middle part of Tai Shing Stream. Unlike other rivers' upper streams, South West Stream has affluent water flow, clear ribbon markings and is relatively roomy. The stream embrace a lot of mid-size clear water pools for a refreshing dip. Wet mosses are common in this stream. Beginners are not suggested to attempt this stream because it would be quite slippery at times.

Location 1: Altitude 450M

We start from the finishing line of Tai Shing middle stream which is marked by this landmark rock called "肥佬麥" (Fat Man Mak).

Location 2: Altitude 490M

Here is the official starting point of South West Stream. At this point, you will find this water jet shooting from your left. We can easily overcome this waterfall on its left.
But this bold guy challenged the waterfall on its right. It is wet and vertical.

Location 3: Altitude 500M

Wind and Bending river, so lovely and peaceful. Beware of the greens on the rocks.

Location 4: Altitude 530M

Climbing up carefully.

Location 5: Altitude 545M

This is a long stretch of waterfalls with multiple clear pools. This is really a nice place for taking a break.

Location 6: Altitude 610M

Are you trying to climb up vertically? Give it a second thought.

Location 7: Altitude 740M

Just before finishing off, you will see a dark waterfall.

Location 8: Altitude 750M

Finally, we came to this dam which is the exit of South West Stream. You can leave the stream using the path on the right.