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since April 2000

Flying Dragon River (飛龍石澗)


Last Visit: 26 Dec 1998

NT East

Trip Description

Location 1: Altitude 10M

These two pictures were taken at the same place. If it was rainly season, you should able to see a silvery-white waterfall in the background.
You have to climb across a small dam to get to the river.

Location 2: Altitude 35M

Challenging a steep rock surface
Kelvin is climbing up very steep rock surface. Not an easy task.
Lawman(Leo) is climbing up a vertical rock wall. This rock wall is very difficult. If you don't have any rock climbing experience and gut, you're highly discouraged to attempt this wall.
For the people who don't want to risk their life, just skip the steep rock surface and the rock wall by using a passage on the right.

Location 3: Altitude 45M

Top of vertical rock wall
Prof. Anthony is standing on the top of the rock wall.

Location 4: Altitude 95M

Big Rocky Structure
We are about to over come this big rocky structure. Before we go, William, Anthony and Patrick 1..2..3...smile...done

Location 5: Altitude 175M

They are from Wah Yan HK 1987 class. It was taken on the top of a dried but formidable waterfall. If you want to know how we get through this, contact the web master.
Proceed from the top of the formidable.

Location 6: Altitude 375M

The pyramidal mountain in the background was called 馬夾崙. This photo was taken when we were on our way to 雞冠山.