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since April 2000

ManCheungPo (萬丈瀑)


Last Visit: 14 Aug 2011


Trip Description

ManCheungPo is one of the most famous streams in HK. This stream is easily accessible with majestic waterfalls and big pools. There are several big pools sitting right there waiting for your enjoyment. There is a small artificial reservoir in the middle of the stream. Basically, the portion of the stream below the reservoir is call ShuiLoCho and the portion above it is named ManCheungPo. Anyway, we would like to call the whole stuff collectively as ManCheungPo.

If you just want to enjoy the upper part of the stream, you can just take the short cut footpath on the left hand side of the stream. That footpath is coloured in yellow on the map.

Some hiking materials rank this stream as 4 stars. It is because in the past, many by-pass footpaths were much less developed. It was more difficult to overcome a cliff/waterfall then it is today.

After all, where is it? It is located in Yi O(二澳) which is next to Tai O(大澳) in Lantau Island.

Location 1: Altitude 0M

This concrete bridge marks the entrance of ManCheungPo. In the past, this was a iron bridge.

Location 2: Altitude 1M

After dashing over shallow water for about 10m, you'll be greeted by a magnificent pool. This is the first member of Three Stacking Pools(三疊潭). You can follow the water pipe on your right hand side to visit the second member. All the three members of the stacking pools dress in dark green colour which give you a strong sense of mystery.

Location 3: Altitude 5M

The second member of Three Stacking Pools(三疊潭) is of smaller size, however, it is powered by a bigger waterfall. This waterfall is about 20m in height. Take a steep hidden path on your left to visit the last member of Three Stacking Pools.

Location 4: Altitude 35M

The third member of the stacking pools is fed by a even more stunning waterfall. By looking down from the third pool, you will definitely understand the greatness of the Creator.

Location 5: Altitude 130M

After visiting the Three Stacking Pools, you'll come across several waterfall of different scale. At 130m, you'll find a reservoir, it is also the gate to the short cut footpath (indicated in yellow on the map); more importantly, it is also the heel of ManCheungPo(萬丈瀑).
This big waterfall is about 70m in height. There is a footpath on the right leading you to the top of this waterfall. If you're an experienced rock climber, you can also attempt the rocky surface on the right of the waterfall.

BTW, the reservoir is also a water fun heaven. We are like swiming in mid air. If you are going to imitate, don't play this video.

Location 6: Altitude 200M

At the top of the ManCheungPo, you'll meet another water fun paradise, The Nose Mucus Fall(鼻涕潭). It is clean, deep and fun. I'm sure you are admiring us on looking at those pictures.
There is a pyramidal hill on the top of the Nose Mucus Fall. The footpath on this hill will take you to ManCheungPo camp site and finally back to civilization.
If you are going to imitate, don't play this video.