Difficulty Scale:
: can be handled by normal healthy persons
: not too easy
: fairly difficult
: difficult, absolutely not for beginners
: very difficult, very demanding in term of strength and skill

Lantau Area

LianShen Stream(`ۼ)
Dragon Jaw (sEۼ)
LingBai Stream Left Offshoot(Fեۼ - )
Feng Tang Stream (ۼ, )
Nei Sham Stream (`ۼ)
Kau Ling Stream (y)
Dragon Tail Stream (s|)
North Big Phoenix Stream, Right Offshoot (j_|Ak)
Yellow Dragon River(sۼ) [many photos]
East Dragon River(Fsۼ)
West Dragon (sۼ)
South Dragon (nsۼ)
North Dragon (_sۼ)
Crouching Dragon River (sۼ)
LingFeng River (⭷ۼ)
Green Dragon River (Csۼ)
ManCheung 9 Bends (EVE)
ManCheungPo (EVr)
Silver Mine Waterfall (qsr)
Double Dragon River(sۼ)
LingBai Stream offshoot(Fեۼ - )
Mi San River(ۼ)
Bai Mang River(ը~ۼ)
Cang Long River(sۼ)
Feng Bi Stream(ۼ) [many photos]


Daliangshui (jN)
Wong Tong Stream (ťۼ)
Gan Bai Stream (եۼ)
Tsing Tam Stream (Mۼ)
Ghost Anger Stream (|)
Stone Dragon Waterfall (sr)
Lotus Stream(ۼ)
JiuHuang River(Eۼ)
Qing Dai Stream(Cjۼ) [many photos]
Jia Long River(sۼ)


Junior Amazon (pȰ)
Wong Chung Stream (Fۼ)
Pak Hang (_|)
Tsak Yue Wu (Carp Lake) Stream (Vۼ)
Sai Keng Stream (|ۼ)
Pai Ngak West Stream (PB|)
Hau Tong Kai(U)
Qiu Feng Stream(ۼ)
Sheung Luk Stream(ۼ)
Flying Phoenix River(ۼ)
Flying Dragon River()


Ng Tung River ()
Wang Chung Stream (Fۼ)
Pingnan Stream(̫nۼ)
MaDai River(jۼ)
Ping Jia River(̹ťۼ)

NT Middle

Huang Mu Waterfall (rA@s)    
Tai Yuen Stream (jۼ)    
Yin Ngam Stream(P)
Tai Shing Stream (jۼ)
DaiCao Stream(jۼ)

Hong Kong

Hok Tsui River (bLۼ)
Sheung Tam Stream(ۼ)
Zi Tan Stream(ۼ)