Difficulty Scale:
: can be handled by normal healthy persons
: not too easy
: fairly difficult
: difficult, absolutely not for beginners
: very difficult, very demanding in term of strength and skill

NT Middle

Fei Ngo Shan (飛鵝山)
Rock Horse (石馬)


Tiger Roar Rock River (虎吼石河)
East Dog Teeth (東狗牙嶺)
North Heaven Gate (北天門)
South Heaven Gate (南天門)
West Dog Teeth(西狗牙嶺)
Lo Hon Tower (羅漢塔)
Pok To Yan (泊刀屻)
Middle Dog Teeth (中狗牙嶺)
QingTian Gorge (擎天峽)

NT North

Da Dao Ren(大刀屻)
Wang Leng (橫嶺)

NT East

Sharp Peak (南蛇尖)


MoonGully (月牙谷)

Hong Kong

Tung Long Island Camping