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since April 2000

Sharp Peak (南蛇尖)


Last Visit: 3 March 2001

NT East

Trip Description

Sharp Peak, also called Nam She Tsim (南蛇尖), is a very famous mountain in Sai Kung area. As its name suggests, this mountain has a very sharp summit. There are two sandy paths for accessing the submit. Because it is one of the highest mountain in Sai Kung, standing on the very top of Sharp Peak gives you an excellent view of peaceful Sai Kung countryside.

Location 1: Altitude 150M

This is called Tai Long Au which is the junction of MacLehose Trail and the foot path for Sharp Peak.

Location 2: Altitude 290M

This picture was taken at Nam She Au (南蛇坳). The left beach is Tai Wan (大灣) and the right is Ham Tin Wan (鹹田灣). Tai Wan is also called Tai Long Wan(大浪灣).

Location 3: Altitude 335M

This is a close up of Sharp Peak.

Location 4: Altitude 465M

At the top of Sharp Peak, you can see a remote but beautiful beach on the north of Sharp Peak summit. This beach is called Nam She Wan(南蛇灣).
One east of Sharp Peak is a mountain ridge called Mai Fan Teng(米粉頂). The beach below Mai Fan Teng is called Tung Wan(東灣).

Location 5: Altitude 370M

Here is another angle showing Tung Wan, Tai Wan and Ham Tin Wan.

Location 6: Altitude 0M

This is Tai Wan. The is beach is slim, clean, soft and peaceful. There is no shops, no lights on beach. All it has is natural beauty.