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since April 2000

Rock Horse (石馬)


Last Visit: 8 Nov 1997

NT Middle

Trip Description

Rock Horse is actually a big rock which looks very much like the head of a horse. The rock locates near the "tail" of the Lion Rock Mountain. There are isolated red ribbons leading you through this journey.

Location 1: Altitude 140M

This is the starting point of the whole trip. Although Patrick was standing behind the gate, you should take the passage on the left of this gate to reach the Rock Horse.

Location 2: Altitude 240M

If you've found the right path, you should be able to reach this old mine site. On the right of the mine area, there is a faint foot path taking you ahead of the journey.

Location 3: Altitude 375M

This is the close-up of Rock Horse. Does it look like a horse's head?
On the rear head of the Rock Horse, you might found 4 Chinese characters (天地正氣).

Location 4: Altitude 400M

Lawman(Leo) was sitting on a big rock behind the Rock Horse.