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since April 2000

Da Dao Ren(大刀屻)


Last Visit: Nov 2008

NT North

Trip Description

DaDao Ren is a very long mountain ridge with no shelter all the way through. It normally takes hikers about 5 hours to complete. It has remarkable beautiful views on both sides of the ridge. In hot seasons, you must prepare a lot of water. I am sure you need it.

Location 1: Altitude 160M

This is the south entrance of Da Dao Ren. The entrance is directly opposite to Kadooire Farm(加道理農場). At the time of this writing, the entrance looked like a construction site.
As you walk inside, all of a sudden, the foot path looked vanished. The correct path hides in the grassland behind the power tower.
However, there's an easy path. Just walk towards Tai Po along 'Lam Kam Road' from the contruction site entrance for a short distance, you will then see an obvious footpath and a somewhat hidden signboard on your left side. This is the entrance of the main footpath towards Da Dao Ren. Notice that the '?' mark on the map just indicates the signboard.

Location 2: Altitude 315M

Before you get to the ridge, you have to overcome a looooong flight of stairs. There are altogether 842 steps waiting for you.

Location 3: Altitude 400M

After climbing all the stairs, you will be rewarded by entranced scenery.

Location 4: Altitude 470M

In spring time, you could find very attractive red flowers blossom along the ridge.

Location 5: Altitude 455M

If you look at this picture carefully, you can see the grass was blown very hard by strong wind from your right.

After several hours of long walk, you may probably meet a honey store on the road side. That honey store offers natural honey drinks. Give yourself a nice treat after the long hike.