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since April 2000

Yuen Tau Shan (圓頭山)


Last Visit: 1 Mar 2014

New Territories West

Trip Description

The trip starts from Tun Mun Leng King Estate (屯門良景村), ends at Ling To Monastery (靈渡寺). Most the hiking routes in New Territories West are very sandy, this one is no exception. Yet the sand is adding fun to the route. You need to be more vigilant to avoid slipping.

Location 1: Altitude 180M

We started from Leng King Estate and follow a concrete road. Here, the road ends and you have to take the foot path behind this lady.

Location 2: Altitude 340M

On a big rock. Becareful when you try this pose.

Location 3: Altitude 275M

This is the highlight of this trip. There is a very narrow bottle neck with sandy surface. It is called Life-on-a-line (一?生機). It real hurts if you fall while trying this 一?生機.

Location 4: Altitude 325M

This is Yuen Tau Shan (圓頭山).

Location 5: Altitude 290M

We are leaving Yuen Tau Shan (圓頭山), the decending path is very steep and there is chain set up as a hand rail. The countryside map does not show all the paths. Please stick to the one in the map. Other minor paths may lead you to the middle of nowhere.