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since April 2000

YuenLeng (元嶺) -> Cloudy Hill (九龍坑山)


Last Visit: 20 July 2014

NT North

Trip Description

This route is short. The marking on the country map is also very clear. Looks like a piece of cake on the map. I still rate this route as 3 stars because this route is very difficult to follow. There are many sharp plants living there. I think nobody has visited there for a long time, the path is almost unrecognizable amidst the plants. There are indeed some guiding ribbons, they may not be sufficient to guide your through dense bushes. It really takes a lot of energy and guess work to finish this trip.
There is no beautiful view in the whole climb. Think twice before you come.

Location 1: Altitude 35M

This is the entrance of this route.

Location 2: Altitude 160M

Trekking inside the forest.

Location 3: Altitude 245M

Locked up by the bushes. The major of the hike do look like this.

Location 4: Altitude 420M

We are now getting near the exit. The green construction is a radar station.
Finally we are back on the concrete path again, we are so relieved. You will then get to the top of the Cloudy Hill and the main path very soon.