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since April 2000

Woo Yang Shan (禾央山)


Last Visit: 23 Oct 2011

NT Middle

Trip Description

This is a very enjoyable and quiet path. Not many hikers check out this route and yet it gives wonderful open view and comforting breeze. This route is not shown on a regular HK countryside map but it is quite obvious and is easy to follow. There are 12 big rocks marked with numbers, you can check out everyone of them along the route.

Location 1: Altitude 480M

Follow Chuen Lung (川龍) direction at this junction.

Location 2: Altitude 510M

When you see this big log, turn right and you will see some ribbon which marks the starting point of Woo Yang Shan (禾央山).

On the way ...

Rock 1. After some hike you will see rock #1 on your left.
Rock 2. Rock #2 is not far away.
Rock 3. Simon standing on rock #3.
Rock 4
Rock 5. Sharp rock #5.
Rock 6
Rock 7
Rock 8. This rock is hard to find. It is NOT a very eye-catching rock. The marking is facing upwards too.
Rock 9. Althought the grass is getting taller, the route is still very obvious.
Rock 10. It is beautiful, isn't it?
Rock 11. Rock #11 are very big rocks.
Rock 12. If you are somehow confused by the tall grass, you will easily miss rock #12.
After visiting the 12 big rocks, you will eventually get back to the Tai Mo Shan Road.