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since April 2000

Wo Liu Tun (禾寮墩,石獅山)


Last Visit: 17 Apr 2011


Trip Description

This is a pleasant trail but the weather was not quite stable when we visited it. There was rain in the later part of the trip. We would have taken much more pictures if the weather had been better. The route is easy to follow. It goes from nearly sea level to Sunset Peak, so there are quite of up hill as cardiopulmonary exercise.

Location 1: Altitude 100M

This is the entrance of the route. It is just next to a water storage facility.

Location 2: Altitude 125M

The concrete path evetually led us to a regular muddy hiking trail.

Location 3: Altitude 324M

This is the top of Wo Liu Tun (禾寮墩).

Location 4: Altitude 455M

A good rocky platform for taking rest.

Location 5: Altitude 505M

Although it took quite a bit of energy to scale uo, we were all very happy. From here onwards, the trail disappears on the map. The trail is actually still very visible on mountain. The climb is also getting steep. It was pity that it started showering so we could not take pictures on this uphill slope.

Location 6: Altitude 770M

We were back to Phoentix Trail in heavy mist just before the Amber rainstorm. Lucky us.