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since April 2000

Wang Tau Tun (橫頭墩)


Last Visit: 3rd Jun 2018

NT East

Trip Description

We started from San Wan Road. Wang Tau Tun (橫頭墩) is small hill on the northern part of High Land Reservoir. The uphill track of Wang Tau Tun is quite easy to follow, however the downhill track is very confusing and is very hard to navigate. There are some very old ribbons hanging along very sparingly. You can easily miss them if you are not attentive enough. Even if you can locate all old ribbons, the overgrown can easily mislead you. I gave this route 3 stars just because of the downhill portion of Wang Tau Tun (橫頭墩). In fact, I really don't recommend any average hikers to attempt this route lest they should get lost.
We visited this place in dry season. The water level of the reservoir was low. We could walk along the sandy slope along the "coastline". It is however the wet sand is much much softer than we thought, your legs can sink in the sand. The dry slope is covered with lose rocks and rubble which mean very very slippery.

Location 1: Altitude 175M

This is where we start. We can start by either left or right of this mud hump.

Location 2: Altitude 223M

This is what we see on the top of Wang Tau Tun (橫頭墩). The "sinkhole" of the reservoir is completely exposed. I have never seen this before. It is really a dry season.

Location 3: Altitude 197M

Trekking down from Wang Tau Tun (橫頭墩) amid heavy bushes.

Location 4: Altitude 67M

After pushing through tough vegetation, we finally arrive at the water edge.
It is supposed to be covered by water but it is now covered by cracks.

Location 5: Altitude 57M

Edging carefully along the "coastline".
This picture was taken in general slope. Some parts of the slope is quite steep. If you are not careful enough, you may actually slip into water!

Finally, we arrived at the opening of a stream where we trek upward to to find the proper hiking path.

Location 6: Altitude 83M

The stream was practically dried out. Simon was actually walking on the river bed.
At this point, we found the hiking trail cutting across the stream.