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since April 2000

Fa Peng Teng (花瓶頂)


Last Visit: 31 Jan 2010


Trip Description

This route is not difficult at all but it is not frequently visited by hikers. Therefore, the down-hill portion of the path is a little bit confusing. You don't need to climb tall mountain, you can still enjoy a excellent sea view if the weather is fine. For experienced hikers, it is a leisure half-day trip.

Location 1: Altitude 10M

The entrance is right next to the bridge tower.

Location 2: Altitude 10M

Take the stairs to go upwards. The path on the left will lead to the shore.

Location 3: Altitude 0M

This is Tso Wan (草灣). The sand is very good here. The path continues on the other side of the beach amid the bamboos.

Location 4: Altitude 0M

This is Fa Peng Wan which again has very fine sand and rubbish flushed from the sea.

Location 5: Altitude 45M

This is Fa Peng (Vase) Rock (花瓶石) which is the most distinctive feature in this route.

Location 6: Altitude 100M

These pictures were taken on Fa Peng Rock (花瓶石). It is great place for lunch, sight-seeing, photography and relaxation.

Location 7: Altitude 15M

Here we are in a bamboo forest again. There are beaches on either sides. You should take the right one. Well, you can also visit the left beach before heading back to the exit.
By the way, when you go down from Fa Peng Teng (花瓶頂), you may be tempted or misled to go down to a stream in a valley. That's absolutely doable but the experience won't be very pleasant.

Location 8: Altitude 0M

Interesting coastline trekking ...

Location 9: Altitude 5M

Now we reached the HK Disneyland Phase II construction site. At the time of this visit, there was no construction work. You can actually walk across the field to search for exit. Please look for the ribbons.