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since April 2000

Tiu Shau Ngam North Ridge(吊手岩北脊)


Last Visit: 20 Nov 2011

NT Middle

Trip Description

This route is embedded in a big valley system called The Valley of Goose (雁谷) near Ma On Shan. The route is not shown in government pubished map. It is however, it is not a faint footpath at all. Many hiking veterans have "created" this path by tying ribbons and ropes. There are a number of different hiking/climbing options in The Valley of Goose (雁谷). Nevertheless, none of them is for the inexperienced. The one shown on this page is called Tiu Shau Ngam North Ridge(吊手岩北脊). This route is short, steep and full of interesting challenges. OK, let start the journey.

Location 1: Altitude 120M

We started from Ma On Shan Yiu On Estate (燿安村) and walk along a morning walk. Follow the sign above and you will reach a pavilion. Just a few meters before the pavilion, you will find the start point of this wonderful journey.
Just follow this route to get into the forrest.

Location 2: Altitude 275M

On the way, you will probably meet you two junctions, just follow the right ones in both junctions. The right ones also decorated with more ribbons.

Location 3: Altitude 350M

When you see this "BBQ" tree, you reach the Goose Valley Lost Trail (雁谷迷徑). Follow the sign on the "BBQ" tree, you will go back the Ma On Shan BBQ site. However, our mission is to visit Tiu Shau Ngam North Ridge(吊手岩北脊), so we choose the route heading upwards.

Location 4: Altitude 390M

Now we face the first challenge. There are rope helping hikers to overcome the small cliff. If you are a very proficient climber, you don't need the rope. Well, play safe, just in case.

Location 5: Altitude 410M

Climbing while shooting video. Not a easy thing to do.

Location 6: Altitude 420M

Some of the vertical rocks are faciliated with two ropes to help the hikers.
When you see this giant rock, turn right and follow the rope/ribbons on your right.

Location 7: Altitude 420M

Up ! Up ! Up ! Climbing here is so interesting and fulfilling.
These two guys are attempting probably the most difficult spot of this route.

Location 8: Altitude 440M

Above the Goose Valley Lost Trail, there are hardly any resting area. All you can find is steep slope.

Location 9: Altitude 460M

Another slope to defeat.
Finally we arrive at an exposed rock which can barely accommodate few persons to hang on. Yet, it is a very a ideal scenery outlook. After that you will arrive at Tiu Shau Ngam (吊手岩) top very soon.