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since April 2000

Tiu Shau Ngam(吊手岩)


Last Visit: 4 Dec 2005

NT Middle

Trip Description

Tiu Shau Ngam(吊手岩) is a very famous place among hiking community in Hong Kong. This time we hiked to Tiu Shau Ngam(吊手岩) mountain ridge from Ma On Shan BBQ site and then took the steep footpath to Lee On Estate. Some portions of this route are rather steep, but managable. As a matter of fact the path descend to Lee On Estate was the highlight of this trip.

Location 1: Altitude 230M

This is our starting point in the Ma On Shan BBQ site. This "Ma On Shan Family Walk" will lead you to the entrance for Tiu Shau Ngam.

Location 2: Altitude 290M

The "Ma On Shan Family Walk" brought us to this pavilion which is the last place for you to do warm up exercise. Steep uphill journey is about to begin.

Location 3: Altitude 325M

Here we came to the first "attraction". This is a short cut connecting the winding foot path. This short cut is nearly vertical. Ropes are hung to help people scaling up. If you are skillful enough, you don't need the rope. Again, this cliff is optional for visitors. Just follow the regular footpath is definitely okay.

Location 4: Altitude 400M

This is another signature of this trip.

Location 5: Altitude 450M

Here we met another attraction. These guys were doing crazy thing. Actually, the rocky cliff is not as dangerous as it looks. Nevertheless, it is not mandatory to climb this cliff. There is an obvious foot path on the right to bypass the massive rock.

Location 6: Altitude 565M

This is another interesting feature. This eroded path is pretty steep, someone tied a thick rope to assist hikers.

Location 7: Altitude 635M

Here we started descending to Lee On Estate. Situation changed immediately, from uphill to steep downhill, from short vegetation to tall vegetation, from open area to forrest. The tall trees on both sides of the path really help when we were going down.

Location 8: Altitude 575M

The path cut through the forrest. It was really steep, we all walked down with extremely care. Although it was steep, it was really interesting to swing from tree to tree. Check out this video below to see how we moved through this steep path. Sorry, it is 16M in size.

Location 9: Altitude 95M

After several hundred meters of non-stop descend, we were back to civilization.