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since April 2000

Tin Mei Shan(田尾山) -> Tai Cham Koi (大枕蓋) -> Tsak Yue Wu(鯽魚湖)


Last Visit: 25 Dec 2006

NT East

Trip Description

This route is rather easy even though there are some slippery slopes. The view is very good because Tai Cham Koi is the tallest hill in its vicinity. It is a good route for a relaxing afternoon. Easy transportation and unbeatable view.

Location 1: Altitude 135M

This is the starting point which is right on the Sai Kung Sai Wan Road.

Location 2: Altitude 155M

After some steps, we need to turn left to leave the Luk Wu Hiking Trail.

Location 3: Altitude 200M

At some point, the foot path look pretty confusing. Don't worry, just following ribbons (circled in the picture) to head towards the direction of Tin Mei Shan.

Location 4: Altitude 300M

We are now in the south heel of Tin Mei Shan. The paths on left and right are both okay.

Location 5: Altitude 366M

We are on the top of Tin Mei Shan. There are some haze and whistling wind.

Location 6: Altitude 340M

Moving through bushes on the way to Tai Cham Koi top.

Location 7: Altitude 408M

On the top of Tai Cham Koi.