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since April 2000

Tai Om Shan (大菴山) => 588


Last Visit: 19 Oct 2014

NT North

Trip Description

This route cover Tai Om Shan and 588. Although most of the uphill journey is on the ridge, path below 500M are very bushy. Some portions are infested with thick bushes making navigation difficult. Some portions are cutting inside a forest. Guiding ribbons are sparsely distributed, you have to be very careful in moving along to avoid getting struck.

Location 1: Altitude 100M

This is the starting point, we are about to move into the forest. The muddy path ahead will lead you to some tombs. You can continue the journey with a faint footpath on the right of the tombs. There is a hanging ribbon marking the exact position of the footpath.

Location 2: Altitude 230M

This part of the forest is relatively comfortable, no heavy blocking bushes.

Location 3: Altitude 300M

Strong man trekking up among trees.

Location 4: Altitude 520M

We have finally left the bush behind. Views and path are cleared up. What a good day: blue sky + white clouds

Location 5: Altitude 588M

This is 588 mountain top.

Location 6: Altitude 305M

The descend route is slightly better. It is easier to follow. At this point, the muddy route becomes a cemented path. Just follow it, you will get back to the town with ease.