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since April 2000

Shui Chuen O (水泉奧)


Last Visit: 14 Apr 2013

NT Middle

Trip Description

If you wake up late and want some exercise near centre New Territories, this would be one of your pick. The path is pretty obvious and yet very few visitors. It got quite a bit of uphill to ensure some cardio exercise. However, the path shown on country-side map is not very accessible, please follow our direction described below.
Some hikers will also cover Man Tau Tun (饅頭墩) on the same day, but we were a bit hurry. Next time.

Location 1: Altitude 100M

This is the entrance. At about 160M, you will see a path on your right with many ribbons. This path is not shown in the government countryside map but it is actually the path for Shui Chuen O hill.

Location 2: Altitude 270M

Split Rock.
Rock from Heaven (飛來石)

Location 3: Altitude 360M

We are climbing a big rock for scenery lookout.
Not bad, worth the climbing.

Location 4: Altitude 372M

Here is the highest point of the short trip. Have fun!