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since April 2000

Nui Po Shan (女婆山) and Shek Nga Shan (石牙山)


Last Visit: 10 Dec 2006

NT Middle

Trip Description

This trip covers both Nui Po Shan (女婆山) and Shek Nga Shan (石牙山) in Ma On Shan Country Park. The steepest part is the portion that lead up to Shek Nga Shan. That steep portal is called Shek Nga North Ridge (石牙北脊). Casual hikers are encouraged to think twice before attempting.

Location 1: Altitude 20M

This is the starting point of this trip.

Location 2: Altitude 400M

We are now on the peak of Nui Po Shan. The picture below is Shek Nga Shan.

Location 3: Altitude 360M

We are now decending to Nui Po Au (女婆凹) which is a valley between Nui Po Shan and Shek Nga Shan. You will find a big "funny" rock like this. The rock stand 2.5M tall. It is clearly recognizable from a distance.
We took a left turn at Nui Po Au, heading towards Mui Tsz Lam (梅子林) which is a small village.

Location 4: Altitude 200M

In Mui Tsz Lam, there is a public toilet behind which you can find a faint path leading into a bamboo forrest. This steep path is called Shek Nga North Ridge (石牙北脊) which will bring you to the peak.

Location 5: Altitude 400M

This is a rock crack you have to overcome. Becareful of some loose rocks.

Location 6: Altitude 435M

Moving up steep slope.

Location 7: Altitude 500M

Shek Nga Shan peak is close.

Location 8: Altitude 455M

As we are leaving the mountains, we passed by a beautiful grass land.