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since April 2000

Hoi Ha (海下) to Shek Uk Shan (石屋山) to Yung Shue O (榕樹澳)

Difficulty: NA

Last Visit: 11 Jan 2003

NT East

Trip Description

This trail does not cover tall mountains but it still gives good and present view. There is no big mountain on either sides of the trail. The east end start near Hoi Ha Road BBQ site, the west end is Yung Shue O.

Location 1: Altitude 150M

This is the entrance of this trail.

Location 2: Altitude 290M

A hill top with big rocks.

Location 3: Altitude 345M

Lawman has reached the hill top shown above.

Location 4: Altitude 365M

After a while you will reach another hill top with rock pillars.

Location 5: Altitude 480M

Here we reached the Shek Uk Shan. There is a telecommmunication quarter on this hill. Your cell phone won't pick up any communication because of strong interference.
There are a number of exits on Shek Uk Shan. If you take the southern routes, you will reach Cheung Sheung where you can find a shop providing drinks and snacks.

Location 6: Altitude 295M

This is the evening view of Yung Shue O village. From this point onwards, you have to take a long flight of stairs to the village. Note, there is no mini bus and bus stop in the village. Please prepare to call a taxi or take a 30min talk to the nearest bus stop.