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since April 2000

Sham Shek Shi Ridge (深石脊)


Last Visit: 21st Oct 2018


Trip Description

This route is quite easy to locate although it is a bit far from any bus station. There are not a lot of guidling ribbons, but they are sufficient. The trail is running over the mountain ridge which is expected to be relatively free of thick bushes. However, this route is actually covered by bushes and trees below 450M. Luckily, the path is still quite visible, even though it is confusing sometimes. After all, it is a fun route.

Location 1: Altitude 65M

We were hiking from Sham Wat to San Shek Wan on a concrete path. It was an mild uphill hike. Just before the path descend, you will see a small pavilion and the starting point as shown in the pictures.

Location 2: Altitude 329M

This is a glimpse of the forest trekking. The muddy footpath is quite traceable.

Location 3: Altitude 446M

We experienced less overgrown above this height. Below that we were either walking in a forest or pushing through dense bushes.

Location 4: Altitude 502M

The background construction is Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (港珠澳大橋)

Location 5: Altitude 528M

We could see the cable cars and the big Buddha.

Location 6: Altitude 555M

We joined the Ngong Ping 360 Rescue Trail here which brought us back to public transport.