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since April 2000

Rock Horse (石馬)


Last Visit: 12 July 2015

NT Middle

Trip Description

Rock Horse is actually a big rock which looks very much like the head of a horse. The rock locates near the "tail" of the Lion Rock Mountain. There are isolated red ribbons leading you through this journey.

Location 1: Altitude 150M

We started the journey from these stairs.
We turned into hiking path from this point.

Location 2: Altitude 220M

We turned right to an abandon mine at the power transmission tower. This picture was the mine taken in the last century. The mine was very barren.
In our latest visit, the mine is populated with lush plants. At about 240M, hike up the faith path on the right side of the mine.

Location 3: Altitude 280M

Hiking up along the edge of the mine.
We eventually moved inside a forest. It is quite steep but there are plenty of trees to help you move along.

Location 4: Altitude 335M

We are approaching the Rock Horse.
Rock Horse from another angle.

Location 5: Altitude 380M

One the right side of the rock gap is the head of the Rock Horse.
There is some calligraphy on the right "neck" of the Rock Horse. It reads "天地正氣"