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since April 2000

Razor Hill and Mauwushan (鷓鴣山 及 茅湖山)


Last Visit: 21 Dec 2008

NT East

Trip Description

This trip covered two hills. Both are rather easy. If each hills were considered individually, I would put these two hills under Easy Walk section. It is however, the route connecting Razor Hill and Mauwushan is rather challenging so I gives this route two stars difficult level.

Location 1: Altitude 150M

This was our start point, right opposite to Shaw House.

Location 2: Altitude 185M

Here we had to leave the main road and dashed into the bush by the fence.

Location 3: Altitude 260M

This is an ideal location for nearby dwellers to have morning exercise.

Location 4: Altitude 395M

We are getting close to Razor Hill (鷓鴣山).

Location 5: Altitude 432M

Resting on the top of Razor Hill (鷓鴣山)

Location 6: Altitude 285M

Here we have to walked under some housing structure in Pik Wu Au (壁屋凹).

Location 7: Altitude 255M

After the housing structure, we went back to a forest but the footpath suddenly vanished in dense bushes. We had to overcome several meters of disorientating bushes before we could locate the path on the ridge.

Location 8: Altitude 233M

This is Mauwushan (茅湖山) top. It is furnished as another ideal place for morning exercise. This hill top has nothing special but it has something worth checking out: an abandoned outpost.

Location 9: Altitude 220M

From the construction style, this outpost was probably built in the early days of British occupation. It is bad that it is now tainted by graffiti.