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since April 2000

Pok To Yan South Ridge (泊刀屻南脊)


Last Visit: 13 March 2011


Trip Description

Pok To Yan is a medium long ridge runs from Tung Chung towards the centre of Lautau Island. Pok To Yan's ridge is not as sharp as that of Dog Teeth Range. The slope on the west end of Pok To Yan is quite steep and strenuous. There has been some construction activities near the west entrance of Pok To Yan over past decade. Now the west entrance is basically blocked for some sort of slope maintenance. Therefore this time we took the south ridge to get to Pok To Yan.

Location 1: Altitude 90M

We walked by Wong Lung Hang Pinic Site.

Location 2: Altitude 90M

At the end of the Wong Long Hang Road (黃龍坑道), we found an open construction site. The entrance is the flight of stair near the construction site.

Location 3: Altitude 255M

This is the overview of Yellow Dragon River System.

Location 4: Altitude 325M

Big guys were resting.

Location 5: Altitude 360M

We were confronted by a set of huge rocks.

Location 6: Altitude 540M

Our hiking leader ...
We then followed the regular hiking path back to Phoenix Trail.