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since April 2000

Obelisk Hill(石碑山)


Last Visit: 12 Apr 2015

Hong Kong

Trip Description

Obelisk Hill(石碑山)is quite a small hill in Hong Kong Island. Just visiting Obelisk Hill(石碑山)would be a rather short trip. So we started from Cape Collinson, visited a WWII military relic and covered some country trails before we come to Obelisk Hill. This hill is not frequently visited by hikers, the hill is quite bushy and many spider webs.

Location 1: Altitude 50M

This is the gate to the Collinson Tower. No need to climb over it, just turn right and get to the hiking trail.

Location 2: Altitude 85M

We went to check out some military relics for World War II. We have to first climb over a fence and then move down along two ropes over a 5 meters slope. And then we followed a narrow concrete path to the shore.

Location 3: Altitude 25M

At the shore, you can find some concrete artillery structures for protecting the coastline.
Go down and check it out.
Looking out from the artillery structure.

Location 4: Altitude 110M

Are they escaping from the prison?

The campus below is Cape Collinson Prison.

Location 5: Altitude 220M

This is a short cut between HK trail and Shek O Road. It is creepy but easy to follow. This short cut is not shown on the government country map. It is hacked out by hikers.
You will arrive at Shek O Road very soon. The entrance of the Obelisk Hill is on the opposite side of Shek O Road.

Location 6: Altitude 160M

Following the bushy trail, we arrive at this obelisk very soon. This tall obelisk looks like complete solid object. I was told it was built for navigation purpose.

Location 7: Altitude 55M

After visiting the obelisk, we moved south towards the Hong Kong Trail. In my visit, this downward trail is teeming with spider webs and bushes. After struggling for some time, we arrived at the exit.