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since April 2000

Navel of Tung Long Island (東龍島之肚臍洞)


Last Visit: 2017

Outlying Island

Trip Description

Tung Lung Island is a beautiful Island in Hong Kong, with many scenic coastline routes there. That day, we explored one of the most impressive spots in the Island- the Navel of Tung Lung Island. It is actually a big hole on the eastern side of the Island. We trekked along the route (in blue) as shown on the map.
The big hole was seen from a distance after we left the Tung Lung Fort. The size of the hole is very big!

We went in a direction towards the big hole. The hiking route was easy to go and full of beautiful sea view.
When we reached the big hole, we noticed that it was actually a very big depression. We went down and discovered that there was another hole inside the big hole . The smaller hole was triangular in shape , and it was actually the gateway to the seashore.
The hole became bigger when we moved towards the sea shore.

After we reached the seashore, we climbed up the cliff above the seaside end of the hole. You can hardly recognize Eugene and Man (in blue) and the previously mentioned triangular hole (in red) on the following photo.
The seashore was great . The boom of the waves woke our mind.
If you felt that it was not exciting enough, you can excite yourself by climbing some seashore cliffs there.

We were very satisfied with this adventure trip. Do recommend to you!