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since April 2000

JinLong Ridge]sAsAAs^


Last Visit: 11 Jan 2015

NT North

Trip Description

This route gets a couples of name in Chinese (sAsAAs). This route mainly lies on the ridge from Kuk Keng (V) to Sam A Chung (TٲF). It covers the famous Tiu Tang Lung (QOŢ) hill. The path is clear and very manageable. Guiding ribbons are available all the way through. Plants may get a little bit bushy somewhere between Location 4 and Location 5. Other than that it is an enjoyable leisure hike.

Location 1: Altitude 15M

This is the starting point. The route shares with Family-Walk in the beginning.

Location 2: Altitude 95M

Our journey separates from the Family-Walk here. Go straight up.

Location 3: Altitude 270M

A placid bamboo forest.

Location 4: Altitude 300M

We reached the Fire Lookout (sAx).
There are some bellflower (Q) trees scattering around the Fire Lookout.
Bellflower close up.

Location 5: Altitude 275M

We are moving towards a valley. In wet seasons, this valley can be very slippery. You will find a muddy pond in the trough of the valley.

Location 6: Altitude 380M

Moving towards Tiu Tang Lung.

Location 7: Altitude 310M

Moving down hill from Tiu Tang Lung to Wu Kau Teng (Q). The slope is quite steep and rocky. Have fun.