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since April 2000

Shek Lung Tsai Rock Jungle (石壟仔石林)


Last Visit: 4 Nov 2012

NT East

Trip Description

The highlight of the trip is to visit a rock jungle (石林). It is basically a vast pile of huge rocks. It lies to the right of Luk Chau Shan (鹿巢山). There are many cracks and spaces among the rocks. Please be careful in moving on the big rocks. Some climbing skill would be helpful. There are very few (next to none) signage in the rocks pile, you may need to follow your common sense and instinct to figure out your direction. Think and observe before you move.

Location 1: Altitude 80M

This is the entrance
Just ignore the cross bar and go ahead.

Location 2: Altitude 300M

Here we came to a junction with MacLehose Trail. Just keep moving upwards.

Location 3: Altitude 260M

We reached a small *construction*. The faint path at the back of the *construction* will lead you to the rocks jungle. The faint path laid under a canopy. Although there are isolated ribbons in the forrest, the path keep appearing and disappearing. Follow the ribbons closely otherwise you may get lost.

Location 4: Altitude 365M

We finally reached the rock jungle. When we first arrived, we were harassed by a swarm of bees.
Big rocks are everywhere. As we move forward, we left the bees behind.
There are scatteded markings on the rocks leading you to the exist.
A Window of rock.
After a while, we left the lower part of the rock jungle and entered a short green passage. Very soon we found ourselves in the upper rock jungle.
After defeating the upper rock jungle, you will reach a main hiking path where you are free to pick your way home.