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since April 2000

Lion Tail Ridge(獅尾脊)


Last Visit: 9 Apr 2012

NT Middle

Trip Description

This is a south-eastern hiking trail leading to Lion Rock (獅子山). This route is short and close to the city but it still has very good scenery. This route is not very mediocre, it takes visitors some climbing. It is very good for a half-day exercise.

Location 1: Altitude 145M

This the starting point of our trip. It is an footpath branchs off from a cemented staircase.

Location 2: Altitude 145M

After a while you will find quite a bit of red ribbons showing you the right way. The path starts to go up here.

Location 3: Altitude 215M

Eventually, you will find this big sign. Turn to your left.
In our last visit, the sign was broken down.

Location 4: Altitude 250M

The trail is getting interesting, you have to overcome some big rocks.

Location 5: Altitude 260M

This pile of big rocks are dubbed "Sky Ladder (天梯)". The name is a little bit exaggerating. The rocky "ladder" is moderately steep but it is not long at all. It is fun to climb on the Sky Ladder. If you are not interested in the ladder at all, you can by-pass it on your right.

Location 6: Altitude 415M

Here is a rock dubbed Sky Horse Rock (天馬石).

Location 7: Altitude 495M

The route behind this big sign is exactly where we are coming from. Now we meet the main wide hiking path which leads you to Maclehose Trail comfortably.

Location 8: Altitude 480M

After taking a tea-break in Shatin Pass we proceed to the short Tsz Wan Ridge (慈雲脊) where you can find a ATV transmission station. This guy is now moving away from the transmission station.

Location 9: Altitude 465M

The path descending from the transmission tower is slightly concealed in soft grass. Very soon you will reach concrete road for exit.