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since April 2000

Tai Ho Village > Lau Fa Tung > Discovery Bay (大蠔村 至 榴花峒 至 愉景灣)


Last Visit: 7 Dec 2014


Trip Description

This is not a very common route, not too many visitors come here. We walked to the monastery (六合玄宮) via Tai Ho Village (大蠔村). However the village was blocked by the villagers to protest against government land policy. We somehow got around it.
The path conditions are not for the beginners. Although the path seems clear on the map, in reality some portions are narrow and half buried by bushes. It may cause some confusion.

Location 1: Altitude 15M

This is the placid monastery (六合玄宮). It must be a very good place for mind and soul.
Keep walking towards the right of the monastery, the solid clement path become a narrow muddy path which you downhill gradually.

Location 2: Altitude 15M

After a while, you will reach a very narrow stream. Just follow the ribbons and trek upstream for a short distance. Before long, you will see the ribbons take you to cross the rocky stream.
After reaching the other side of the river bank, you will soon find a steep rocky slope. This maybe the only portion that demand some climbing.
You may found the ropes handy but actually those ropes are not very critical for the climb. This is probably the most difficult part of the trip.

Location 3: Altitude 375M

We eventually reached the main hiking trail. The hilltop in the picture is Lau Fa Tung (榴花峒).

Location 4: Altitude 400M

We decided to take Tiger Head (Lo Fu Tau) to Discovery Bay and call it a day. The path shown on the picture is on the opposite direction of Tiger Head. In warm seasons, it would be in lusty green.