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since April 2000

Lai Pek Shan to Wong Leng (黎壁山 至 黃嶺)


Last Visit: 22 Apr 2012

NT North

Trip Description

This route is one of the ridges of the Pat Sin Leng (八仙嶺) mountain system. The start point is on Ding Kwok Road (丁角路). The route is quite obvious but narrow. Below 350M, the route is inside a jungle with numerous spider web. Above 400M, the route opens up, beautiful sky reveals.

Location 1: Altitude 5M

This the entrance on Ding Kwok Road. You can see the road sign in the picture.

Location 2: Altitude 50M

We discovered a huge construction on the left side of the route. It looks a huge statue. It has distinctive head and hands. Is it a transformer in the making?
We think it should be a huge Guanyin (觀音) statue. Going to be another tourist attraction.

Location 3: Altitude 280M

We are now dashing along a narrow path inside a forrest. There are many annoying spiderweb. You will need a long branch or stick to clean up the web.

Location 4: Altitude 440M

Wow! We are now on a clear mountain ridge with refreshing breeze.

Location 5: Altitude 560M

Simon is scaling up to Wong Leng (黃嶺).

Location 6: Altitude 500M

On the way to Hok Tau, we looked back to Wong Leng (黃嶺).