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since April 2000

Ko Lau Wan to Chekkeng (高流灣 至 赤徑)


Last Visit: 16 Nov 2008

NT East

Trip Description

The trip starts from Ko Lau Wan (高流灣) to Chekkeng (赤徑) of Maclehose trail. Ko Lau Wan is a small village which can be reached by local ferry. There is no high mountain on the way, the foot path is a bit narrow and brushy. In good weather, a nice blend of sky, cloud, ocean, mountains and islands form an exquisite picture.

Location 1: Altitude 0M

This is, Ko Lau Wan pier (高流灣碼頭),our starting point. We took a ferry from Wong Sek Pier (黃石碼頭) to get to here.

Location 2: Altitude 70M

The brush is quite dense but not tall. The Island behind is Grass Island(塔門).

Location 3: Altitude 45M

Here may look a little bit confusing. Don't follow the water pipes. The correct path roughly intersects the water pipes at right angle.

Location 4: Altitude 105M

As you moved along the brush, don't forget to check out the open ocean, it is just superb.

Location 5: Altitude 210M

This is Nam She Tsim (南蛇尖).

Location 6: Altitude 270M

This is the highest point of this trip. You can enjoy 360° view after some hardship of getting here. Feel like at the top of the world.

Very COOL oh!